Dungu Cannot Win Court Case – Blick

The Acting President of the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC), William Blick has scoffed ait former President Roger Hans Ddungu has no chance of winning any case against the body.

Blick told the media on Wednesday night that even if Ddungu has gone to Court to try and get an injuction to stop the UOC General Assembly slated for March 9, he is fighting a losing battle. Blick insisted that Ddungu had no case and his arguments were shallow.

Members of UOC are today anxiously waiting to see if Ddungu will manage to secure a Court Injunction. But Blick reasoned that even if Ddungu who was kicked out of UOC last year after he took Olympic matters to court which is against the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Charter get an injunction, he can never come back to the UOC set-up.

In May last year the UOC Extra Ordinary Assembly sitting at the Kati Kati Restaurant suspended Ddungu from the body’s activities for life. He had tried to secure secure a court injunction to stop the Assembly, but failed.

Thirteen member Associations voted for Ddungu’s suspension giving him no chance. The Legal Commission made a lengthy submission on how Ddungu had abrogated the UOC constitution and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Charter.

Speaking about the Assembly on Saturday which will also have elections of office bearers, Blick said he and majority of his current team are unopposed because of the good work they have done as a team in the few months. Blick, together with Vice President (tenchinal), Dennis Galabuzi, Geofrey Nuwagaba (treasurer) are unopposed.

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