Government To Deport Dubai Business man

A Dubai-based businessman, who sued the government over non-payment for chartered flights offered to the Ministry of Defence about four years ago, is to be deported on orders of the ministry of internal affairs.

Mr Sami, a director of the United Arab Emirates-based aviation firm, Stream Aviation, sued the government seeking for payment for chartered flights during the Operation Lightning Thunder that hunted rebel leader Joseph Kony in late 2008. He alleges that the government hired his aircrafts at a charter price of $75,000 per flight in December 2008 to January 2009 between Entebbe Airport and Dungo in Congo and Nzara in South Sudan for UPDF worth $2.8m.

However, on March 4, in a letter signed by Ambassador James Baba, the state minister for Internal Affairs, he indicated that the businessman be deported and remain out of the country permanently. “And I further declare that this order shall be carried out in effect by removal of the said Sami. By deportation and while awaiting to be conveyed to the place of departure shall be kept in custody,” reads part of the order.

Meanwhile, Kampala High Court is yet to hear an application seeking to stay the deportation order against Mr Sami. Through his attorneys of Kampala Associated Advocates, the businessman has since petitioned court, seeking to block the deportation order.

3 thoughts on “Government To Deport Dubai Business man

  1. Why deport a man you owe money to? If he gave you the service, pay him. Can we be told if he is a liar and fraudster?

  2. It is a shame to deport the man before courts pronounce him guilty.Did he commit a political crime or an economic one? The public will perceive you as if you are covering something.Be a strong democratic gov;t.Robert

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