Health Workers Revealing HIV Status Of Patients

Patients in Kitgum claim that medical workers are disclosing their status to the public and because of this, they travel to neighbouring districts and other regions, where they are not known by the medical workers, to get various HIV/Aids related services.

A few weeks ago some disgruntled youths threatened to beat up a staff of a private clinic in Kitgum Town over allegations of disclosing information about their health status.

Mr Frederick Okidi a resident of kitgum district said “It is a humiliation to see that the people we hoped to seek help from are the ones disclosing our health issues to the public.”

However, health officials in the district have dismissed the accusation as untrue, saying their staff respects the code of ethics on confidentiality.

3 thoughts on “Health Workers Revealing HIV Status Of Patients

  1. Smoke comes when there is fire..avoid games and politicking with people health issues. Accept mistakes and apologize to victims!

  2. Then use protection or else the whole world will know! but on a serious note, HIV is nothing to be ashamed of.

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