Kenyatta ICC Status Conference Set For Monday

Kenya's President elect Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenya’s President elect Uhuru Kenyatta

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is set to hold a Status Conference for President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his co-defendant Francis Muthaura on Monday.

Although the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that she will be dropping the charges against Muthaura, the Status Conference Scheduled for Monday will also include him.

Muthaura’s case was pre-maturely dismissed by the prosecutor after the key witness (Witness 4) who was incriminating him admitted to have lied to the court.

The Status Conference is scheduled for Monday 1500 hrs Hague time.

The Status Conference will discuss the application filed by the defence for Kenyatta on February 5th, 2013 and the consequences of the withdrawal of the charges against Muthaura for the case against Kenyatta.

Muthaura had jointly been accused with Kenyatta of planning, abetting and aiding the 2007/08 post poll chaos that left at least 1,300 people killed and over 500,000 others displaced.

The prosecution, however, said that it had new and concrete evidence against Kenyatta and his case should proceed as scheduled.

Initially, Ocampo named six suspects as the most responsible for the violence and so far charges against three of them have been dropped.

In February, Kenyatta’s defence team had asked the Trial Chamber to refer his case back to the Pre-Trial Chamber after it withdrew witness four who was part of the evidence used to confirm his case for trial.

The lawyers had argued that the prosecution witnesses were lying to the court and supported their argument with the prosecution’s announcement that 13 witnesses had been dropped in both Kenyan cases.

During the confirmation of charges hearings all the defence teams alleged that the prosecution by then under the leadership of Luis Moreno Ocampo did “shoddy” investigations that framed their clients.

The ICC has since set trial dates for Uhuru Kenyatta, deputy president elect William Ruto and former radio personality Joshua Arap Sang for June and May respectively.


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