Kenya: Key Witness in the ICC Case Against Ruto Withdraws

An International Criminal Court ( ICC) witness who was expected to testify against the Deputy President elect William Ruto has stepped down.

Through lawyer Paul Gicheru the witness wrote to the ICC prosecutor withdrawing each and every piece of evidence attributed to him and asked to have his name removed from the list of the prosecution witnesses.

in a sworn affidavit explains that during the 2007 general election he was a PNU official but after election he was induced and enticed to be a witness of the ICC. Ruto was one of the ODM pentagon members. The witness has withdrawn all his statements which included claims that the post-election violence was planned; he also retracted his statement that he had visited the home of the Deputy President elect.

“I have never personally visited any of the homes of William Ruto and I did not witness any event and cannot vouch for the truth or otherwise of any allegation that has been made or attributed to me against him,” said the witness in the affidavit.

In a letter written to the prosecutor which the ICC responded to, the witness who comes from Nandi asked the prosecution to remove him from the list of witnesses lined up to testify against Ruto.

He further claimed in the affidavit that he was promised that he would be rewarded and settled either in Europe, America or Australia if I testified before the ICC and that his standard of living would improve tremendously.



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