Lukwago Eyes The President’s Seat

Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has offered a hint about his future plans. He believes that at 42, he’s of the right People to rule this country.

speaking at the birthday Party of Kamuli District Chairperson, Salaamu Musumba at Namwendwa last week, Lukwago indicated that the time for his generation had come to rule this Country. Musumba was marking her 50th birthday. Lukwago said that he wished his generation would also get a chance to govern the country when the incumbents rest in good spirit.

“I’m personally 42 years, and I’m the Lord Mayor of Kampala city. I have hope, that the next generation shall govern this country,” he said drawing wild cheers from the audience that included area MP Asuman Kiyingi and FDC President Mugisha Muntu.

The lord Mayors message was not welcomed by the area inhabitants who are NRM diehards  forcing him to divert from his earlier message.

“It is not me who wants … don’t implicate me. We have hope that as our colleagues go, a new generation will come on board” he said to even more cheers.

However, observers in the area drew comparisons with previous leaders. Former President Apollo Milton Obote was 41 in 1966 when he became head of state and President Yoweri Museveni was 42 when he took over power in 1986, an age that Lukwago has just made.


5 thoughts on “Lukwago Eyes The President’s Seat

  1. could this be as a result of frustration due to his failure to perform as Lord Mayor

  2. Poor Uganda. Even failures have ambitions to wreck you like the previous and current have not yet done enough.

  3. So Lukwago for President next? Is Moses Golola his Principal Private Secretary? Amarula Family will be the Cabinet and I think Anne Kansiime will perform like ten roles in his government just to keep us laughing. Seriously, Ugandans, what is wrong with us? Are these the best 40-year olds we can present mbu the young generation? Museveni kept just a few of these clowns around for our entertainment (Hi Seeya!) but these opposition guys seem to have made it a full blown career! SMDH!

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