Maddox Sematimba Arrested.

Namagembe star,Maddox Sematimba could not survive  an operation police conducted in Nakulabye ,a Kampala suburb  today in an effort to counter the increasing crime in the area.

Maddox Sematimba,a musician who has been off the scene for some years is suspected to be using drugs together with other goons in the area, however he,( Maddox) denies the allegations.

Maddox Sematimba who is known for his songs like;’Namagembe oliwa’,’Nakatude’says it was not right for police to arrest him. The faded artiste said he takes the drugs to sing well.

Close pals say that after refusing to go back to the studio Maddox turned into a drunko and he sells Rolex to get money for beer.

9 thoughts on “Maddox Sematimba Arrested.

  1. how can l contact this talented man.he need help. l saw him on tv news.l want to meet him.

    1. I do not know how you can contact him but I share your sentiments. We are losing a talent here, a great voice!!! But why does he not want to go back to the studio? Can Red Pepper help us get in touch?

    2. yes man you are right this guy just needs help and assurance. He still has it in him big time. Am praying for him .

    3. Hello Mr. Entebbe,
      In box me on so i can give you all his contacts.
      He is such a great Talent that needs only a little counseling and giving a him a new new start which will mean a new hope for his career.

  2. Oooh sorry, we are not ready to lose such a great artist. Music fraternity should rally and help Maddox back on form. Please, Chamillion, Bobi, Bebe and Ragga Dee you are the pioneers of this industry try to work together instead of your childish in-fighting and rivalry. I watched agataliko nfufu but the way he was talking reflected some problem with him. Counsel him do not desert him as we usually do in Uganda.

  3. If Maddox organised a concert, i would attend. we need to help him, his songs are so nice…….. Please help if you can.

  4. I wish Maddox would know how much his music has helped me improve my relationship with my wife and child… please come back my life needs your voice and music

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