MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE BILL: Violence at Sekikubo Meet

Kyera Health center in Lwemiyaga County in Ssembabule district was a scene of violence on Sunday during the consultations on the marriage and divorce bill. It all started after three men stormed the meeting at Kyere health center and accused Theodore Ssekikubo, the Lwemiyaga County MP of failing to represent issues affecting them. One of the men identified as Abubakar Kato snatched the microphone from one of the residents and asked Ssekikubo to call off the consultations on the marriage and divorce bill saying it was not a priority.

This didn’t go down well with other residents, who charged at Kato leading to a scuffle. Unidentified man sustained serious injuries as he was assaulted with sticks by suspected supporters of the MP. Fulgensio Twesigye, one of the residents was bitter that parliament had sent MPs on recess to consult on the marriage and divorce bill yet they are not consulted on more serious issues.

He listed lack of access to clean water and health service delivery as the most touching issues to the residents that need urgent attention.Twesigye said Kyeera health Centre, Makoole Health Center and Kazooba Health Centre have been closed because of lack of drugs, which has seriously affected service delivery to residents.

As a result of the clashes amongst residents, Ssekikubo rushed to inspect the three health centers to ascertain the claims by residents. MP Ssekikubo says that he was surprised to find Kazoba Health Centre II turned into Kazoba High school. He blamed the mess on the rot in the government systems.

Beatrice Muhwezi, one of the health Workers at Kyeera Health center, declined to comment on why the facility was none functional. But a male medical worker at the facility told URN that they only operate when drugs are available. Sharpe Kiiza, a resident of Makoole disputed the claims. He said the health center no longer works, which forces residents to trek 100kms away to Masaka Hospital for treatment

3 thoughts on “MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE BILL: Violence at Sekikubo Meet

  1. now imagine the millions being spent on such useless consultations. i think we need to return to dictatorial leadership in uganda coz our representatives have turned parliament into a money minting machine to enrich themselves. Ugandans need services not useless laws

  2. Ssekikubo is the brother of controversy, a son of trouble making, a relative of confusion, a neighbor of a free pass playhouse , and a professional yes man to other people’s business, how could he not ever talked of problems of his people who sent him. Remember those are the people who sent you to parliament, now no health center they are beaten before you , what a mess, last time you pulled a gun on them , we are watching

    1. Andy what could the government do to the likes of of Ssekikubo, when they are already counted wanted?

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