Captain Mike Mukula Set Free

Mike Mukula and his wife
Mike Mukula and his wife

Jailed Sororti Municipality Member of Parliament Mike Mukula is now a free man. The Anti-corruption Court on Wednesday morning   acquitted him of all embezzlement charges overturning a four year jail term handed to him in January.

While delivering his verdict, Judge Wangutusi said prosecution lacked enough evidence to pin down the flamboyant Soroti legislator before adding that the lower court in the case ignored vital evidence.

On January 18, the lower court of the Anti-Corruption Division of the high court, found Capt. Mukula, guilty of embezzling Shs210 million from the  Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) account.

However, Capt. Mukula who is also the Soroti Municipality MP, was dissatisfied with the conviction and the sentence appealed the conviction.

Mukula stated that the trial Chief Magistrate erred in law and fact when she believed the prosecution case before hearing his case.

David Mpanga, one of Capt Mukula’s lawyers, submitted that embezzlement charge only applies to public officers; meaning that it cannot stand against their client who was a minister at the time the said crime was committed.

“I really thank God for this. God cannot be bribed. Justice has prevailed” Mukula said after his release adding ”

I have learnt so many things at Luzira. I am very strong. My back has not been broken. I am glad God has given me this golden opportunity to be with you”
He also thanked President Yoweri Museveni, Teso elders, his wife Gladys Mukula, children, relatives, friends for being supportive during his stay at Luzira.

7 thoughts on “Captain Mike Mukula Set Free

  1. Thank God our brother is finally out. ejok EDEKE noi. Aso ekoto do kere oni acamun ebe ijai llem ijo opate lo mam ejatar abeit ido ekoto ijo aitam amorun aomisio kede ipolok alaije ore. most important though is the fact that you are now a free man. God bless your presidential plans come 2016.

  2. Ur our man 4 ever no one becomes hard and strong without passing such hard line and life examples of such leaders include nelson Mandela never give up on your aspirations alluta continua its like dying b4 getting eternal life.

  3. ours 4 ever u have proved 2 us that you are the rock of moru opiai alluta continua never give up with ur aspirations we are behind u iyalam bon

  4. I am very very happy upon your have set a precedent and you have made my day.congs honourable!

  5. Okay,…I am no judge and neither am I questioning the judicial system’s integrity. I just wonder why the Capt offered to pay back the “stolen” cash? What was his inspiration for such an act if he was adamant about his innocence?
    Who then should be behind bars – in his place?

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