MORE TROUBLE: Court Orders Rebel MPs to Face Party Disciplinary Committee

Theodore Sekikubo, one of the NRM 'Rebels'
Theodore Sekikubo, one of the NRM ‘Rebels’

The High Court in Kampala on Monday afternoon ordered three NRM legislators to appear before the party’s National Disciplinary Committee and give their side of the story.

The orders were made against MPs; Wilfred Niwagaba for Ndorwa East, Theodore Ssekikubo for Lwemiyaga and Barnabas Tinkasiimire, the MP for Buyaga West; who are accused of indiscipline by their party.

However, shortly after registrar Eudes Keitirima dismissed the MPs application for an interim injunction, they protested the court’s decision before saying they will not appear there but instead wait for their main suit that is fixed for hearing on May 13.

On Thursday last week, the outspoken legislators dragged their party to court over discontent.

The MPs accused their party of hearing disciplinary proceedings against them without them being invited to give their side of the story and yet they are willing to appear, an action they said was against the natural rules of justice.

They had also sought interim orders to block their party from hearing the disciplinary proceedings against them until the substantive suit is heard in May.

But in his brief ruling, registrar Keitirima held that there will be no irreparable damage occasioned to the MPs if their application for interim order they had sought was not granted.
Court further advised them to petition court if the disciplinary committee makes wrong decisions against them.

In their complaint, the legislators had claimed that they risked being expelled from the party as one of the disciplinary measures, a decision they said, could not be appealed against.

Court documents showed that MP Niwagaba and Tinkasiimire, who are active members of the Parliamentary Forum on oil, opposed the party’s position on the heated oil debate last year.

The documents further show that on November 26 2012, the MPs protested the ruling of the Speaker of Parliament to vote on the oil Bill contrary to the NRM Parliamentary Caucus decision to recommit the Bill for voting.

On the other hand, MP Ssekikubo is accused of denouncing the NRM before participating in the press conference and accusing the party of having bribed legislators to pass the health budget.

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