Music Video Review: Love Song, Good Visuals, Amateur Story Line

A snap Shot From the Video
A snap Shot From the Video

Love Song By Lyrical Proof Ft BonStyles

By Ian Ortega Aliro
The first thing, one notices in the Love Song video is the pronounced quality of the visuals. To put it simpler, the great quality of the shots is comparable to an instagram version of a video. When I watched the video I think it came across clearly that love always wins in the end and that it’s… It’s a visual spectacle as far as colour grading is concerned. The immersive nature of the visuals and the music places the viewer “amid rather than at a performance. As our status as viewers gradually erodes, we discover that we aren’t the audience; we’re, well, visitors.”

However, I found the choreography of the storyline a bit basic. It did not impress. It is certainly, not a memorable storyline, it is one that has been seen before. The video begins off with Lyrical Proof trying to sweet talk some cutie of sorts, phrases through the various segments of a split screen and ends with that romantic kiss. The kiss which I found so real acted as the healing factor for the dead story-line.

The location is perfect in this music video with the palm trees swaying to the tune of the wind in the background. The costumes, not breath-taking, just the definition of simple attires, perhaps this was to enhance the believability of the video.

When it came to the part of Lyrical proof rapping straight into the eyes of the girl, the lighting seemed to get flawed. The faces of the two were over-lit and this showed a weakness on the part of the editing.

The images were cut in sync with the audio. Camera speed was well maintained and there was a clear close-up shot of the faces of Bonstyles and Lyrical proof. However, Bonstyles was not fully played to the forefront in the video, not so much attention was given to him. Overall, Love song tries to evoke the love emotions in the viewer’s mind but with great difficulty. It wins on the colour, the location and the montage. It’s a wonderful video with a less engaging storyline. It deserves a 4/5 star rating. It breaks us free from the clogged blurred cliché of Ugandan music videos.

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