Ndejje Intensify Training Ahead Of Africa Volleyball Tourney

Uganda’s  representative to the annual Africa Club Volleyball Champions, Ndejje University are having endless trial matches ahead of the former
women’s tourney set In Madagascar earlier in April.  The Ndejje Elites, will first gauge their recitals by taking on the National women Volleyball team on March 21st at the MTN Arena in Lugogo.

Red Pepper Online has learnt that they will later compete against Uganda top clubs when they take part in the Ndejje Volleyball Open Championships due March 23-24, 2013 as part of the build-up before they depart for the Africa Club Championships.

Ndejje Sports tutor, Mark Kayongo,says  that “A team of national coaches will take an advisory technical role in regard to Ndejje team
preparations, The federation is playing a big complementary role and they have been very helpful by giving us  national coaches to boost
our technical performance.”.

Reported By Michael Mugote

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