Ogoola:Appointment of judges pending due for President’s approval

Retired Principle Judge and Chairman of the Judicial Service Commission James Ogoola has said that the commission has done all that is required of it as far as the appointment of judges is concerned.

Ogoola said that the commission has managed to do its part to ensure that over 70 vacancies his team found in the judiciary are filled.

He said that the commission has so far filled over 53 positions of grade1 magistrates and made recommendations for all the positions that are vacant in the Supreme Court, the court of appeal and the high court.

He added that the recommended names were sent to the appointing authority a couple of months ago and hopes that the issue will be addressed soon enough.

Ogoola urged the appointing authority to recognize the urgency of the matter since the vacancies in the sector include even the top positions of the Chief Justice and his deputy.

He explained that the reason the sector hasn’t had the needed judges for a long time was because there was no commission in place for over 15 months saying that by the time his commission was instituted most positions had fallen vacant.

The Supreme Court has five vacant positions, the court of appeal has eight while High court has seven vacant positions. Most of the judges retired while others were assigned other duties and have never been replaced.

The retired judges include former anti-corruption court judge John Bosco Katutsi, former Supreme Court judge George Wilson Kanyeihamba and the late Joseph Mulenga.

High court judge Irene Mulyagonja was appointed IGG last year while Justice Julia Ssebutinde was appointed judge on the International Court of Justice.  Deputy Chief Justice Leticia Kikonyogo retired early last year while Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki clocks retirement age on 23rd of this march.

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