Sebaggala Petitions Kayihura Over Muslim Arrests

The Imam of Parliament Latif Sebaggala has petitioned the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura over the ongoing arrests of Muslim leaders including Imams in the country.

Sebaggala, also MP for Kawempe North, says the arrests tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims in general by linking them to terrorist related activities.
Some Muslim leaders have recently been allegedly arrested by the police over suspicious activities including recruitment and training of children aged between 3-15 years.

Sebaggala’s letter to Kayihura wonders how someone interested in recruiting terrorists would target 3-13 years children as the most suitable candidates for that exercise.

He says while it is the duty of all Ugandans to fight terrorism in all its forms, the struggle against it shouldn’t at any one time encroach on people’s freedom of worship which is guaranteed by the country’s laws.

MP Sebaggala who now wants Kayihura to engage Muslim leaders on the issue of arrests so that Muslims are not scared of fulfilling their obligation of preaching Islam adds that the arrests may lead to many Muslim parents abandoning sending their children to Islamic children centres under fear of being misunderstood at the expense of their Islamic norms and practices.

Sebaggala, while speaking to scribes at parliament, defended the arrested imams saying it is within the norms and practices to teach children from three years, Quranic memorization and recitation among other Islamic practices.

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