4 Die Over Easter Holiday in Kampala

Ibin Senkumbi
Ibin Senkumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson

At least four people died over the Easter holiday, Ibin SSekumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson has revealed. Two of the deceased are believed to have died as result of heavy alcohol consumption. Ibin Sssenkumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson says that an unidentified man in is 30’s in Katale zone, Naguru is suspected to have staggered into the ditch and died there.

In Bujuko two men drank booze for two days without eating. 49- year-old Livingstone Kule collapsed and died while his colleague only identified as Nkalubo was found unconscious and is currently undergoing treatment at Mulago hospital. 28-year-old Teopista Nababito from Namayuba was also found dead in a swamp just a short distance from her home. Police suspect she committed suicide after she deliberately went two day without food due to a terminal illness she has had.

A body of a male was also found along Portbell road near the abattoir and taken to Mulago. Ssenkumbi says that four fatal accidents were recorded in Kampala metropolitan area all of which were hit and run cases. The accidents happened in Seguku, Kabalagala Nsambya and Banda.

Meanwhile in Kavumba, Wakiso district a platform collapsed killing unidentified two year child and injuring five others. The child had been placed under the platform that wasn’t being used at a concert as protection so that the child does not get lost. However, some people climbed and started dancing on the platform which gave way and collapsed on the child.

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