Atamba, Nantege Triumph At 2nd Woodball circuit

By Michael Mugote Bryson

Atamba Onesmans and Nantege Kyolaba Shamusa of Ndejje University woodball club (NUWC) scored 38 and 56 strokes after 12 fairways to claim winners of the men and women categories of the 2nd Beach woodball circuit held at Sports beach in Entebbe over the weekend.

Zawendde Lillian also of Ndejje University woodball club raised 57 strokes behind Nantege but the 2012 woman Most Valuable Player (Zawedde) is not afraid of her day’s performance claiming to restrain in the 3rd circuit come August this year.

“Yeah she (Nantege) has done better than me this time but I will hold back in the next circuit”. A confident Zawedde fumed when ‘The Red Pepper’ reporter asked about her day’s decline.

Nevertheless, Zawedde Lillian who represented Uganda in Hong Kong a fortnight ago and won a bronze medal coupled with Kanyike Eric and topped the mixed doubles category with 20 strokes after 6 fairways.

Cissy Nakato and Lugwa Isaac (NUWC) followed in second position with 26 strokes while Lubega Emma and Nankya Connie pair from Ndejje Woodball Club (NWC) managed third with 27 strokes. In the ladies’ doubles, Nantege Kyolaba Shamusha and Nabukalu Daniel twosome (NWC) finished first with 29 strokes they scored in 6 fairways, followed by Namayo Alexandria and Mutesi Fauza duo of Botladz woodball club (BWC) with 32 strokes tying with Navubya Flavia and her namesake Flavia Ajabo of Entebbe woodball club (EWC).

Bukenya Kenneth and Ntege Jessy  ((NUWC) needed 21 strokes only to top Men doubles’ category as the duo of Namukoye Moses and Musisi Elmohammed (EWC) raised 23 strokes to follow in second. Another pair of Kayiwa Cedric and Dupa Jiwel (NUWC) was 3rd after scoring 25 strokes in 6 fairways.

Bank of Uganda faced it rough in the corporate’s category after the Uganda’s money keeper’s representative, Ssenyondo Godwin, ended   5th with 66 strokes after 6 fairways. Stroke woodball club’s triple of Assimwe Richard, Kaduma Jessy and Ssemanda Collins finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with 54, 60 and 65 strokes respectively. Ssemanda Adam of KKWC tailed in 4th with 67 strokes.

In the ladies’ wing of the latter category saw Katerega Doreen and Kyomuhendo Grace scoring 83 strokes apiece while Namayo Amanda who followed in third place scored 92 strokes.

Three circuits are held every year and the overall winners of the respective categories are selected by summing up all circuit’s results and one with the lowest strokes takes it all. The 3rd circuit is set in August at the same venue.

Zawedde Lillian still leads in the women singles despite Nantege Kyolaba Shamusa defeating her with one stoke in the 2nd circuit.



1.      Atanba Onesmas 38 (NUWC)

2.      BUkenya Kenneth 39 (NUWC)

3.      Agaba Julius 40 (EWC)

4.      Rwanganika Asolon 44 (NUWC)

5.      Musasizi Amon Roymond 45 (NUWC)


1.      Natege Kyolaba Shamusa 56 (NUWC)

2.      Zawedde Lilian 57 (NUWC)

3.      NAbawanuka Teo 60 (NUWC)

4.      NAssuna Prossy 61 (NUWC)

5.      Navubya Flavia 61 (EWC)

Doubles Women

1.      Nantege Shamasa & Nabawunuka Daniel 29 (NWC)

2.      Nameyo Alexandria & Mutesi Fauza 32 (BWC)

3.      Navubya Flavia & Ajambo Fauza 32 (EWC)

Doubles Men

1.      Bukenya Kenneth & Ntege Jessy 21 (EWC)

2.      NamukoyeMoses & Musisi Elmond 23 (EWC)

3.      Kayiwa Cedric & Dupa Jowel 25 (NUWC)

Mixed doubles

1.      Zawedde Lillian & Kanyike Eric 20 (NUWC)

2.      Cissy Nakato & Lugwa Isaac 26 (NUWC)

3.      Lubega Emma & Nankya Connie 27 (NWC)

Present Clubs

1.      Ndejje University Woodball Clu (NUWC)

2.      Nkumba University Woodball Club (NUWC)

3.      Entebbe Woodball Club (EWC)

4.      Botladz Woodballl Club (BWC)

5.      Stoke Woodballl Club (SWC)

6.      MUBS Woodballl Club (MWC)

7.      Ndejje Woodball Club (NWC)

8.      Muteesa I Royal University Woodballl Club

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