Bebe cool’s Hammer Impounded at Hotel Africana

Bebe Cool's Hammer at Hotel Africana
Bebe Cool’s Hammer at Hotel Africana

Self proclaimed ‘Big size’s cursing this Easter weekend because things did not go well for him. After hiring rooms for East African Bashment crew singers at Hotel Africana,Bebe Cool’s Hammer was not allowed to leave the parking lot  until he cleared the bill of 3,700,000.

The singers who were brought in the country by Bebe cool to sing at his concert in Kiwatule, used the Hotel facilities plus food totaling to 3,700,000.According to one of the employees, these singers including Naziz,Nameless and wyre were told to leave their passports until the debt was paid but they pleaded saying that it’s Big Size to pay the bill because he is the one who invited them.

‘’We have been dealing with many Artists but the only problem is that they don’t want o pay. That’s why we have impounded Bebe Cool’s Vehicle until he clears the bill’’.said one of the employees.Bebe cool at the moment had 2 million but they wanted the full amount.

Bebe cool’s Hammer was still at Hotel Africana yesterday evening while he was busy making phone calls.Bebe made loses of almost 80million during this Kiwatule concert.

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  1. Its now time for Mr. Munene/Big size to accept that he is below Bobi and Jose. At least they have some investments that people see Unlike Mr. Munene who is just investing in Grudges. The more you talk Mr. Munene, gives your opponents chance to learn your weaknesses and hence by passing you in terms of investments.

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