Besigye Urges MPs To Impeach M7 For Failing Energy Sector

Opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) former leader Rtd Col Kiiza Bseigya has called on Members of Parliament to revive the move to impeach President Yoweri Museveni over what he claims is the President’s mismanagement of Uganda’s energy sector.

Rtd Col Kizza Besigye
Rtd Col Kizza Besigye

In a strongly worded dossier published by a local newspaper, that is likely to trigger off another Museveni-Besigye war of words, the former FDC strongman says the subversion and corruption evidenced in the energy sector demonstrates President Museveni and his government’s unpatriotic and deceitful behavior.

Besigye says he was forced to launch the attack following continuous ‘Misinformation and blame-game by Mr Museveni on Uganda’s chronic energy crisis’.

He says President Museveni’s government took advantage of the absence of opposition in parliament to fail the country’s energy sector saying “This colossal government failure occurred at a time when there was no political opposition in Parliament; when for most part, the president was the executive and speaker of parliament.”

He adds “The Ugandan people are, and will continue paying heavily for the mega scandals in the energy sector. This is clearly one of the most disempowering and impoverishing failures of the Museveni regime”.

Besigye says that as a result of the mismanagement of the sector, electricity prices have gone up levels unaffordable by most Ugandans and Lake Victoria water levels have fallen to alarming levels.

In order to deal with this, the former FDC president recommends a parliamentary institute a public inquiry t bring an end to corruption and ensure that all those found guilty be punished and that parliament should revive the impeachment proceedings against the president in accordance with Article 107 (a) and (b) of the constitution.

If legislators heed Besigye’s advice, it wont be the first time such a move has been attempted. Early Last year, opposition legislators led by Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto, and Rubaga South’s Ken Lukyamuzi, launched a campaign to impeach the president accusing Museveni of misusing his office, and abusing power by making decisions that have proved costly to Ugandans. The move flopped after the MPs failed to raise the required 125 signatures.

This is the second time Besigye has authored an article critiquing President Museveni’s administration. Early this year, he attacked the president over his son’s alleged ‘supersonic’ rise in military ranks. Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba (President Museveni’s son is the commander of the Special Forces Command, an elite force in the army charged with providing security to the president).

This prompted the president to write a series of responses countering what he termed ‘Besigye’s lies’, defending his son’s military career.

The letter also shows the method Besigye has undertaken to keep up the pressure against his political nemesis. Besigye who is the president’s former physician fell out with his boss claiming the latter had veered of track.

What waits to be seen is how the president will respond to this latest attack by Besigye.



13 thoughts on “Besigye Urges MPs To Impeach M7 For Failing Energy Sector

    1. Rose Nyama choma what are you smoking? how much do you pay for umeme thats if you even pay at all? since stealing is second nature!

      1. saba the loser!! and wat has impeaching got to with stealing? do u think besigye as anything to say to this country. people are tired of him.

  1. After failing walk to work, walk for change , walk to eat in the markets name more, now you have turned to parliament? wait next time you will be calling up upon bishops to start praying and fasting so that M7 can resign,,, I beg Dr. go to Mulago we need more doctors, at least go there and volunteer since you have Ugandans at heart. thx

    1. Andy Britie…hope u are among those earning from the many illiterate Ugandans sweat…ask yourself for how long have u been drilling oil and where does the crude go? for how long have we cried foul play when small corrupt official are arrested yet the heads are untouched? for how long will u drive northwards and cry of bad roads yet roads are being improved in the west? for how long have we cried of tribalism and nepotism in govt..i bet yo one of them and it doesnt hurt to have the army top job, police top job, prison top job, several PM Posts to u pipo, etc. wen one individual comes and cry on our behalf please get a different forum for u to express yo emptiness

      1. Emptiness,emptiness who is expressing empty ideas of political hatred here.
        To my understanding,during road maintenance, priority is given to those roads that contribute to national economy. Northward or westwards all roads are Ugandan roads. We can’t say that people in transit to Congo,Burundi and Rwanda for their businesses “forgetting” tourists to Bwindi whose contributions are “helping” access this news paper are all from a certain tribe(from the western region). I urge you Mr Ayepa to reason with your brain not with your emotions like a gilted lover

    2. Each time i read what Besigye has done, i get cured of my political insecurity in my country at least a saviour i can hear, tourch and listen to. Dr. thanks for working also outside Mulago

  2. Museveni lives in heaven on earth why would he care about peasants? He lives like a Hollywood star in $80 million Taj Mahal, rides in an Armored Benz while flying is in the best Gulf stream 5, has daily pocket money of 600 million to spend daily, and when sick flies to Germany. No wonder when he sleeps he dreams of vision 2040 since he is already living in his personal vision 2080

  3. There is no need to exhange bitter words.Change wl eventually come.Be positive guys,stop sowing seeds of hatred.

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