Bunyoro Begins Survey of Returned Kingdom Properties

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has embarked on a campaign to survey and register its restituted land in an effort to fully reclaim it. In 1993, following the restoration of kingdoms, government returned all their properties as per the 1993 Restitution Statute. Like other kingdoms Bunyoro had properties like land, natural forests, cultural sites, palaces and other properties returned.

But most of the restituted land had been occupied by some institutions and individuals who took advantage of the abolition of cultural institutions in 1967. Abby Hairora, the Kingdom Land Board chairman says that even after restitution, the occupants still occupy the Kingdom land. Hairora explains that the kingdom has now come up to survey and register its land as a way of fully reclaiming it.

He says those occupying the Kingdom land will not be evicted, only that they will apply for certificates of occupancy. He reveals that the occupants will also be required to pay an annual ground rent of 100,000shillings to the Kingdom for a period they will be using the land.

The kingdom started the survey with Kagadi town council area last year. Kagadi town council and Kibaale district headquarters according to Hairora sit on the kingdom restituted land.
The survey will continue to other areas in the.  The Kingdom has contracted Terrain to undertake the exercise. Hairora maintains that the exercise is ongoing until all the kingdom land is surveyed.
Although there is a budget for the exrcise; Hairora refused to divulge details.

He says the kingdom has potential sources of funding for the exercise. A number of applications from Kagadi have already been submitted and the Kingdom land board will sit on April 24th to peruse through them and begin issuing certificates. Hairora emphasizes however that those on Kingdom forest reserves and cultural sites will be evicted.
William Kasaija Mugenyi, the Kagadi town council LC3 Chairman says his council is seeking audience with the Kingdom authorities to discuss a few issues first. In a telephone interview Kasaija claimed that some Kingdom officials recently revealed that the kingdom will begin selling plots
n town. The LC3 Chairman says if this is done it will interfere with the town’s development plan.

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