COMPUTER ILITERACY: Lands Officials Given 60 Day Deadline

Minister of Lands Housing And Urban Development  Daudi Migereko
Minister of Lands Housing And Urban Development
Daudi Migereko

Officials in the lands registry under ministry of Lands are at risk of losing their jobs come June 2013, unless they perfect skills needed to use the computerized land registration system.  It follows delays by some of officials to acquire skills to use the computerized land registration system that was installed recently.

Delays by staff to operate the computerized land registration system have hampered efforts by the Ministry to fully re-open it to the public. Dennis Obbo, the Ministry of Lands spokesperson says that the staff have been given some time to grasp the skills or else lose their jobs.

The Ministry of Lands has been closed to the public since December last year. The Ministry is conducting on job skills development with the help of IGN and COSEKE, the companies contracted to computerize Lands registration. Obbo says that once their staffs grasp the needed skills, members of the public will enjoy the benefits of the system including elimination of missing whitepages because everything would be on-line.

so far the Ministry of Lands has opened six zonal offices in Wakiso, Masaka, Mbarara, Jinja, Mukono and Kampala to handle transaction related to Mailo land, Freehold titles and Leasehold titles. Formerly people had to travel all the way to Kampala to make transactions on their land. The Staff formerly stationed at the Ministry headquarters, have been pushed to the zonal officers to serve the public where their service is needed. All the six zonal offices are linked to the National Land Information Centre on Lourdel Road.

According to Obbo, with the exception of Kampala where the Ministry of Lands is yet to undergo complete networking, the public is free to carry out land transactions in other areas.

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