Court Orders Taxis To Stop Paying KCCA Monthly Dues

KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi
KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi

The High Court in Kampala has with immediate effect stopped Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) from collecting a monthly fee of 120, 000 shillings from taxi drivers and operators within Kampala city.

Justice Benjamin Kabito made the order on Wednesday morning.

In his ruling, Kabito said that there is no law under which KCCA bases its decision to collect the much contested monthly fee from the drivers and taxi operators.

He went ahead to declare the said collection illegal.

However, Justice Kabito did not make any order regarding the refund of any such money that KCCA has been able to collect from the taxi collectors since last year.

Taxi operators and drivers under their umbrella organisation Drivers and Conductors Association (DACA) sued the Jennifer Musisi, the Executive Director and KCCA questioning the legality of the collection of the monthly fee.

The drivers and operators were also unhappy with what they termed as the brutal manner in which the collection and enforcement was conducted by KCCA officials.

In their suit, they argued that they already pay a fee at their specific stage and there was no reason for KCCA to burden them with an extra monthly charge.

DACA leader Mustafa Mayambala was present and overjoyed at the ruling.

The drivers, however, said the judge should have ruled that KCCA refund the money it had collected from them since 2012.

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