Curvy Musician Liane is in Love Finally

Liane the artist is In love
Liane the artist is In love

By Isaac Muhumure

Musically struggling diva Lillian Nakaweesi aka Liane can atlast afford a smile  The singer who has seen her career take a nose dive is apparently in love.

Though Liane did not mention the name of the dude, rumour has been rife on who could be eating her natural boiled goodies.

“I got him sometime back but I was trying to study him. But now am sure. He is one of the kind and he is the reason why am happy. He is everything I have been looking for a man and so much more.”

The singer who has been previously connected to city lads that included Selector Shiru,UK based nkuba kyeyo fella Fahad Kigsem,is now styled up.

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