Diva Iryn Back to School

All indications are that singer Iryn Namubiru has realized that to hatch many deals with her music career; especially with the yet to be effected copyright bill in the offing, she has to further her education.

Info reaching our desk is that Iryn has enrolled for a course in Media Management and Public Relations at the Nsambya based Cavendish University. Snoops reveal that Iryn became another attention seeking diva at the University.

An insider revealed that Iryn rarely concentrates because she is always on phone discussing music deals. Meanwhile, we have discovered that most celebs have joining this University with the likes of Angella Kalule, Bina Baby, Balam and Barbie Jay plus more music students.

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  1. what is news when Irene goes back to school? Moses Ali also went to school an old man. Leave this lady alone to do her things

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