Dj Rachael working On Her First Video

DJ Rachael, Ugandan pioneer female DJ is taking her singing career seriously. Rachael has been spinning discs for 18years in nearly all the top nightclubs and social gigs across East Africa. She first gave a shot at singing in 2010 by releasing a couple of  rap and dance hall music about malaria, self-esteem and environmental protection.

Following her versatility, the music received poor reception; Dj Rachael abandoned singing altogether and went back to spinning discs. Three years down the road, the tomboyish turntable mistress has decided to revive her singing career, which she says was her first love in the first place.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before I returned to singing because it has always been a part of me since childhood. I was emceeing long before I thought of dejaaying”said Dj Rachael.

This was during the premiere of her latest video Conductor, held at the Bugolobi-based Gatto Matto bar and restaurant on Friday night. The rather hilarious song, which tells of several passengers’ encounters with city taxi touts, has steadily gained popularity since its release three weeks back. But it is the video, which first aired on NTV and NBS TV that has taken folks by storm.

DJ Rachael’s 14-song album will be launched in two months’ time. Its songs include really cool dancehall jam, Blaze Up. The former Club Silk in-house DJ for 11 years is going places with her new path.

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