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Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to stop wasting money on alcohol so that they can be able to save.

President Museveni gave this advice while addressing youth at the handover ceremony of a new Executive of the Busoga Youth Forum on Saturday afternoon, at Kaliro District Headquarters. President Museveni is the Patron of the Forum.

The new Chairman of the Busoga youth Forum carrying Shs 250,000,000 donated by President Yoweri Museveni to the youth group, Saturday at Kaliro district headquarters
The new Chairman of the Busoga youth Forum carrying Shs 250,000,000 donated by President Yoweri Museveni to the youth group, Saturday at Kaliro district headquarters

The President’s advice comes a month after a survey done by US broadcaster Cable News Network (CNN) titled ‘World’s 10 best-drinking nations’ indicated that Ugandans consume more alcohol than their counterparts in any African country, demonstrating the citizens’ undisputed love for the bitter. Uganda is ranked 8th globally ahead of Germany and Australia at positions 9 and 10, respectively.

President Museveni while addressing the youth reiterated the importance of Agriculture saying it is the only sector gives Uganda growth , wealth, and development.

“Ýou can become rich from this sector” the President said. He also promised to ‘organize’ for the Busoga youth willing to to attend the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

Present at the function were; Gen. Elly Tumwine, cabinet members and other leaders including  Kasule Lumumba, Minister Daudi Migereko, Minister Lukia Nakadama, Minister Flavia Munaba, Minister Ronald Kibule, Lubogo Kenneth, Milton Muwuma, Idd Isabirye, Balyejusa Sulaiman, Balyeku Moses, Wangolo Jacob, Asupasa Isiko Mpongo, Mutyabule Florence, Bakka Mugabi. Àlso present are former MPs, Honourables Gaggawala Wambuzi, Mukama Francis, Igeme Nabeta and Kizige Moses.

Below is the President’s full speech

The youth and all people of Uganda must appreciate how we should move forward to achieve growth and wealth. When very many people cook one meal, they may spoil the growth. One will say put more fire, another that the fire is too much, another that we need less water. In the end the porridge gets spoilt.

The line of the Movement we’ve been telling you is very clear which sector gives us growth , wealth, and development. The first sector is agriculture. Ýou can become rich from this sector. If you have 4 acres do the following: One acre put in coffee, the second acre put in fruits. The third acre put in food crops. The fourth acre put in elephant grass you can use as pasture. In the backyard, put there chicken or goats. Ìf you are near a swamp, work to establish fish ponds. If you do those things, your home will get not less than shs 20, 000, 000 per annum.

The ones who have got more than 4 acres can do anything they want because that land area allows flexibility. Am happy I have visited this youth group( referring to a youth group involved in conservation agriculture, indoir growing of mushrooms, fish ponds and making wine from pineapple). They may not be very far but at least they have begun. An income of shs 20, 000, 000 should be the target of every homestead that has got 4 acres. Agriculture is one sector that can get you rich.

The second sector is industry which has got 2 parts; big factories and artistry like carpentry and so on.

The third sector is services and there our people are very active; boda boda, small hotels, salons… ogwo mukuttu gumu.

The 4th sector is ICT, where children educated in ICTs may for example do accountancy for someone in Canada and post it through internet.

The 5th is public service. Teachers, nurses, soldier, policeman, political leader. Jobs in that sector are limited. Currently, they are only 341, 000 yet the population of Uganda is now 35 million. The number of teachers in primary schools is determined by the number of children. Òmwami we Gombolola mulala (a county chief is only one). That sector is oversubscribed. The first four sectors are expansive. Therefore, radios, churches, mosques, cultural leaders and political leaders should be explaining that to people. If you don’t, you will have misled people. If they don’t fit in one of the four sectors they will not manage. Àre you preparing your child, brother or sister to fit in one of the mukuttu (sector)?

Coming to the request of Kaliro youth group of a fruit processing plant, that we shall handle. The Busoga youth who have requested to attend the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi, I will organise.

The idea of elders pension is being tried and it will be tried in Busoga too. Going back to the issue of the mukuttu (sector) where you can fit yourself, the question is where can you get capital to start? Government is one source of capital. Government provided capital through Entandikwa, NAADS and SACCOs. It may not be used very well, but it is there, and we are sorting that out. The other source is borrowing from banks. Family can be a source and the other is personal savings.

But some Africans have got a problem of indiscipline. They spend so much on alcohol. When am passing in my car driving, the bars are all full. Why are you wasting all that money? If you are building yourself, forget alcohol. The other problem is marrying many women. Ýou have not managed to look after one but you go on to marry another. How will you be able to save? Ònce we are clear about the sectors and the source of funds, ekitatta muyima, tekimumalaako nte ( luganda proverb). So with focus, determination and discipline, we can move.

Today, I came to ‘kutongoza’ (launch) the new leadership of the Busoga Youth Forum. I thank the youth for organising themselves. I will support you if you are disciplined. Today I’ll contribute shs 250, 000, 000 to the Forum to be distributed to the sub-groups of the forum as follows……WE WILL POST THE DIFFERENT YOUTH GROUPS, WHAT HAS BEEN ALLOCATED AND THE DONATIONS ALREADY PAID SOON



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  1. Sincerely Mr. President, couldn’t you give a cheque to these youth? What are the banks for? This money may be stolen because we are not sure that all of it will be banked on the youth account. An audit of this money after one year will be shocking news.

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