Saleh Blames Bad Politics For The Rise In Crime

General Salim Saleh, the Presidential adviser on Military affairs
General Salim Saleh, the Presidential adviser on Military affairs

The revival of Local councils is the only way to combat the current wave of crime across the country, General Salim Saleh, the Presidential adviser on Military affairs has said. Several people across the country have met their death at the hands of unidentified assailants in the recent past. The murder victims have either been shot or hacked to death.

The latest murder occurred in Rakai district last week where a couple was hacked to death by unknown assailants who broke into their house. Now, General Saleh says despite the fact that, the Army, Police and other security agencies are reorganizing to fight off this crime, local councils should be revived and empowered to help since they deal directly with the community.

General Saleh says the recent attacks on the army and police installations is a ticking time bomb. attributing the presence of illegal guns to poor gun handling by security agencies, General Saleh blames the crime wave on bad politics and the high unemployment rate amongst the youths. While addressing journalists in Mbarara recently, Saleh said he intends to advise the relevant security organs and the president on how to avert the current situation.

Recently, Police issued strict guidelines for handling guns and ammunition in the force. A circular issued by Grace Turyagumanawe, the Police Director of Operations warned police commanders to be aware of some criminals out to target police installations and loot their guns.  He promised to hold to account, any officer who fails to adhere to the directive once their stations are attacked.

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