General Mega in Wedding Preparations

Faded artist Gen Mega Dee it appears wants to join the table of men after relocating from Kampala to Jinja. Mega Dee who recently acquired himself Mercedes Benz is a Radio presenter in Jinja.

The dude who wrote on his face book wall earlier that “am (marrying)wululu…..” now owns a public address system which he hires out. We have also learnt that his style of walking has changed. The General now walks like’ Amalinze the cat ‘as he distances himself from those who laughed at him during the time when his concerts used to flop.

5 thoughts on “General Mega in Wedding Preparations

  1. Congs Brother for taking the decision. Remember to keep going despite the negative press. compose and keep singing if at all its your passion. otherwise people will think you did music for money. Money will come naturally. I worked with you when we were young and you are a bright young man. Life has just started. Jah bless bro. kat

  2. I hope this time round he never looses focus or resumes singing national anthem types of songs with Gen. Elly Tumwine, again!!??

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