Golola Moses Thumps Hungarian Betyar Istavan

Mosese Golola (R) sending  to the canvas
Mosese Golola (R) sending Betyar to the canvas

Motor Mouthed Kickboxer Golola Moses brought some joy to the faces of his supporters yesterday.

Golola who is also known as “Hot Temper”  is one of the most loved Ugandan sportsmen and finally overcame the curses of Zamboki and Naggy.

The fiercely contested fight took Place at Kyadondo Rugby club, with his many supporters being led by Ghetto president Bobi Wine

Golola who spent 3 months training in Nairobi Kenya  told Ugandans before the fight that he was pregnant with skills and this was proved during his next fight. He also said that he was now eating cement which has made his arms and legs concrete.

7 thoughts on “Golola Moses Thumps Hungarian Betyar Istavan

  1. Thank you bro,Now you are my man,invite another white man and kill for us.Bravo male Lion Golola

  2. indeed thats wat we wanted from u man so u can go ahead with bur funny words as u plan to invite another white man thanks man struggle continues

  3. Going by the previous 2 fights, I was worried cement-eating-Goloola would leave “enkokoto” in the ring.

  4. congs bwana Golola but cant get some one from any country rather than Hungry and really show us that you are a kicker not talker

  5. that was a not so much anticipated come back Golola!! but congrats on the win. i look forward to more fights with non-Hungarians.

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