I will bonk whoever I want – Zari

Social network users are well aware of how socialite Zari Hassan was thumped into coma by her hubby Ivan Semwanga.The on and off couple were involved in a bitter fight last weekend at Auto washing bay and bar in Munyonyo. However the details of the fight have started to emerge.

Zari was thumped by her hubby Ivan
Zari was thumped by her hubby Ivan

According to the an witness, Ivan Accused his wife of being a whore. I van who was shouting on top of his voice told Zari that she is a whore. “None of his friends seemed to try to convince him to stop”, a source said.

After several minutes of talking in abuse, Zari hit back by saying “I will bonk whoever I want because it’s my property” The words rubbed Ivan the wrong and he jumped for her neck, hitting and punching her several times.

None of the friends intervened until Zari managed to slip from his grasp and took off as a wounded antelope. After suffering public humiliation, Zari told friends that she will leave Ivan for good this time.


11 thoughts on “I will bonk whoever I want – Zari

  1. Sorry gal, hope am one those on ur list. its better you separate otherwise the kiyingi scenario is going to repeat itself.

  2. Public brawling is a shameful act, Ivan should pick on his equals who are trying to bonk his girl.

  3. Ivan get a proper Muganda gal who is well brought up …..in a Kiganda way otherwise you will get problems and leave this showy girl

  4. separate from that man to avoid something bad but pls snoop give that lady my email.nage njagala

  5. Ivan bambi, real Men don’t do that. How about talking to her and u also acting a married man.

  6. Women are like that, never force love.Beautiful ladies are like that.Nanye namugwaho nimufutana

  7. EEehhh Guys learn hw to talk to ur Queens not publicly, cos its beyond, to find this extending to public. Bedroom was designed to settle such issues. “every body will live to bonk me”, it has a lot to discuss. so watch out Ivan gerrout of sleep. thnx.

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