IGP Kayihura Warns Female Cops On Prostitution

The Inspector General of Police Lt Gen Kale Kayihura, is to take tough action against female cops following reports that they engage in prostitution. Kayihura’s reaction is backed by intelligence indicating that high ranking police officers ask for sex from their female counterparts promising them promotions.

Following the letter addressed to all Directors and Unit Commanders under reference number ADM/32/131/01, Kayihura said that; “A number of female Police officers are actively engaged in prostitution and other related acts,”

“Police officers while on or off duty go to markets to do shopping and frequent drinking places and consume alcohol dressed in Police uniform,” he added.

He also said that the Uganda Police Force is a disciplined, professional, competent and productive force with citizens of good character with a code of conduct to regulate the conduct of the officers both at work and off duty.

It is also reported that senior officers seek sexual favours from junior female officers in return for promotion and deployment in ‘good places.

Kayihura further said that: “All the above is against the Code of Conduct for police officers. Such conduct is scandalous behavior and defaulters are liable to punishment.


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