Kadaga In Fix Over Rebels

On Tuesday, a meeting of 15 legislators was summoned to strategize on a plot aimed at influencing House speaker Rebecca Kadaga against expelling the fired NRM rebel MPs from parliament.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Insiders intimated to Red Pepper that the meeting was summoned by Butambala Woman MP Mariam Nalubega.

Two weeks ago, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the ruling National Resistance Movement resolved to expel MPs Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga), Barnabas Tinkasiimire (Buyaga), Wilfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa East) and Mohammad Nsereko (Kampala Central) over alleged indiscipline.

The party has since written to Kadaga asking her to write to the Electoral Commission declaring vacant the four seats held by the expelled rebel MPs.

Hon. Theodore Sekikubo (R) MP Lwemiyaga and Hon Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West at a recent party function
Hon. Theodore Sekikubo (R) MP Lwemiyaga and Hon. Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West at a recent party function. The two are among four MPs expelled

Kadaga is currently swimming in politically troubled waters in respect to how she will respond to an NRM CEC resolution (to which she is party), seeking to fire the four knifed legislators.

Insiders however told Red Pepper that the group of 15 legislators who were supposed to meet didn’t actually do so because of mistrust. We were informed some of the members started accusing their colleagues of being moles.

This group according to sources wants to stand out clearly and warn the Speaker Kadaga against taking any decision with regard to the rebels because it will have both legal and political implications.

6 thoughts on “Kadaga In Fix Over Rebels

  1. Come rain, come sun, Kadaga is damaged goods. If she wre smart as people think she is, she would resign quietly.

    1. will u feed her family if she retires? funny pple forget this is africa and this is uganda. Never speak of resignation unless your reasoning is clouded by diaspora overstay

  2. Can she really “disappoint” her boys? What NRMs days is what she will do. Watch this space! The King is too powerful to resist!

  3. Whereas Kadaga may internally feel that its wrong to throw out the expelled MPs, her options are surely limited. She cannot stand in the way of the Saabagabe’s ego. The Saabagabe wants to show the young MPs that he is the “political king” of Uganda, and they must leave Parliament, since they are stubborn. That decision is already made. Kadaga is only a pawn in the whole game, and she must move to the position where the Saabagabe puts her.

    The very simplest picture this may relate to , is the recent fix she found herself into, when MPs, successfully raised the required number of signatures to recall the house, in the aftermath of the murder of Butalejja MP, Cerinah Nebanda. The Saabagabe called her to Rwakitura, and made it clear in her face, that Parliament will only be reconvened over his dead body!! “And never say that I didn’t warn you”, he roared further. This sent Kadaga trembling. She spent some sleepless nights checking everywhere around her, how she was to communicate “her decision” [truth is the Saabagabe’s decision], that Parliament was not going to convene. Somehow, she found some funny grounds.

  4. We gonna see uganda change into a wrongdoers state? This is because one person think this is his family and any thought that crosses his mind is a must to be effected. Bytheway,our oil is being taken in tons as samples that for testing and after given out to a few in sacks,My God…where are we heading? Dont blame the speaker if she takes the word of the big man but I would say,let those smart boys come again as independents and we shall be there to support them where required.

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