M23 Rebels Warn SA Against Joining UN – DRC Mission

The M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC have asked the South African government to stay away from the targeted massacre of Congolese nationals.

This follows the decision by South Africa to join the United Nations peace Keeping mission in the DRC. On March 28th, 2013, the UN Security Council passed resolution 2098, which empowers the Peace Keeping force to fire at rebel positions without any provocation.

Now, the M23 rebels accuse the UN security council of mandating the peace keepers to extend the reign of a very corrupt regime, whose army is involved in human rights violations.

Bertrand Bisiimwa, the civilian leader of the M23 rebels accuses the UN Security Council and member countries, that have indicated their intention to send troops in the DRC of being inconsiderate and disrespecting the ongoing peace negotiations. Some of the countries that have promised to contribute to the force include South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique.

However, Bisiimwa says the problems of the DRC should be left for the International conference of the Great Lakes Region “ICGLR” and the Congolese people themselves. Bisiimwa told the media from Bunagana that the intervention of the UN is likely to worsen the situation in their country, since Congolese soldiers have been targeting the pea peacekeepers.

He warns that M23 rebels should not held accountable for the death of any soldiers under the peacekeeping brigade. The M23 Rebels controlling Eastern Congom which is close to the Ugandan border.

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