MUK Lecturers Re-Ignite Talk On 100% Pay Rise

Muasa Bosses Addressing Press After a Strike last Year
Muasa Bosses Addressing Press After a Strike last Year

Lecturers at Makerere have reignited a demand for a 100% salary increment by the next financial year.

The lecturers under their umbrella of Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) say the current pay is not in line with the increased work load and the changing economic times.

Louis Kakinda, the MUASA spokesperson told Redpepper Online in an interview that the academic staff at Makerere has not had a substantial salary raise in more than 10 years. He compares the university to private universities where lecturers have much better benefits and salary which the 90 year old institution should be providing.

This very issue also came at their annual general meeting last week. A year ago, the university was closed for two weeks after lecturers went on strike over poor pay. The lecturers say the demand is to cater for the pending salary raises they have always been promised in the past years.

The lecturers now say, effective next financial year that starts in July, they will expect a 100% salary increment to their wages.

This appears to be falling through already, as government plans to announce new taxes in the 2013/2014 Budget instead of salary increments.
Makerere’s monthly wage bill stands at 5.4 billion shillings. A demand of a 100% salary increment will see lecturers who take close to 4 billion shillings of the wage bill double the cost on the university coffers to 9.4 billion shillings.

Ritah Namisango, the university spokesperson, says they cannot comment on the matter as the resolutions from the MUASA meeting have not yet been communicated to the university officially.

Last financial year, the university ran a deficit budget of about 50 billion shillings according to the university revenue expenditure budget, a thing the university secretary, David Kahunda Muhwezi attributes to insufficient funding.

Makerere runs on an annual budget of 174 billion shillings. About 98 billion shillings of this comes from tuition fees, while 69 billion is government contribution. At least 7 billion shillings is got from donor funds.

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