MUK Suspends Social Sciences Post graduate Programme

Makerere University College of humanities and social sciences has suspended its post graduate programs citing inadequate teaching manpower.

The affected programs include masters degree in Public Administration and Management, master’s in International relations and a doctorate of philosophy among others. The decision suspending the programs was communicated in a notice issued on April 01 by Professor Oswald Ndolerire, the Principle Makerere University College of humanities and social sciences.

It was reached after an internal evaluation and assessment that showed that the quality of degree offered were questionable because of none adherence with the guidelines set by the National Council of Higher Education-NHCE.

The guidelines cover issues such as the student lecturer ratio, supervision, capacity of research and quality of lecturer. Out of the 97 lecturers in the College of humanities and social sciences only 33 are qualified to teach master students. 23 of the lecturers are part timers, while others are pursuing their doctoral studies.

Currently, there are over 300 students on the faculty’s postgraduate program despite the fact that, the number of available lecturers has been stuck at 33. To make matter worse, Makerere University is under caveat not to recruit new lecturers subject to the public service guidelines that banned the recruitment of any public servants until further notice.

Hassiffa Kabejja, the college says the courses were suspended to give the faculty time to enhance its capacity for the task.

At least 150 students apply to join the social sciences masters program each academic year. Suspension of academic programs at Makerere University is not a new thing. In 2011, the College of humanities and social sciences suspended the masters in journalism and communication degree program on similar grounds.

2 thoughts on “MUK Suspends Social Sciences Post graduate Programme

  1. Makerere University (Mak) ia playing smart. As the saying goes ”you can run but you cant hide”. After Kampala International University (KIU) mess was unearthed, Mak is next. So whether they suspend the programmes, the National Council for Higher Education is soon knocking on Mak’s door. Heads are about to roll.

  2. For a long time, Mak has also had capacity problems, although this issue never came to light. Indeed NCHE should investigate Mak for there is a lot of filth under the carpet. Stories are in the space, how Mak lecturers cannot mark students scripts, or even supervise research, but rather just distribute scores randomly following a normal distribution system.

    Generally speaking, it is time to overhaul Uganda’s higher education, by investigating what is happening at the institutions of higher learning. The notion that Universities are fully independent in matters of admission, teaching, examining, supervising and awarding academic credentials may have to be rethought at this point. It is now becoming much clearer that business interests are far ahead of the professional duty of providing good quality education in our country.

    Hopefully someone will take action.

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