Mulago to Build Shs800BN Hospital

Forget the filthy dilapidated structure that dampens your sight and sick spirit as you get to Mulago hospital.

Mulago Hospital
Mulago Hospital

Together with the Ministry of Health under a Public Private Partnership agreement the hospital is planning to put up a modern hospital with a Doctors village of 3000 units worth 300 million dollars.

The hospital will cater for well to do patients who are normally refereed to countries like South Africa and India for operations such as major heart operations and kidney transplant operations.

Mulago hospital is forced to make 40 percent referrals for complicated surgeries and operations.

Dr Baterana Byarugaba, the executive Director Mulago hospital, while submitting his budget estimate for the next financial year revealed that only 470 out of 1990 staff have accommodation. However, the structures are dilapidated.

The hospital in four years plans to increase the number to 570 staff.

Chris Baryomunsi, MP Kinkizi East, had put it to the Mulago executive director to tell the committee what plans and requirements they need to uplift the standard of the hospital to those in India and South Africa.

Dr Baterana revealed that the concept paper is currently with the Ministry of Health and after it is harmonized then they shall look at getting a loan or grant to set up the hospital.

The modern hospital shall be located on top of Mulago Hill from Owen road and more land stretching Mawanda road at the Doctors village. It currently is home to flats which Dr Baterana says can be put down to construct bungalows with ten floors.

Members of the health committee also noted the need for an accommodation policy from the hospital and Ministry of Health to resolve the staff accommodation challenge.

This is in light of the yet to be constructed Kawempe and Kirudu hospitals serving Kampala yet the health staff do not have living quarters.

However, this does not take away the fact that currently Mulago is still struggling with only 12 beds in the intensive care unit out of the needed 100.

The inadequate funding of food for patients at a cost of 501 shillings per plate. Lack of maintenance for equipment such as the CT Scan, Dialysis machines and the spectra gamma camera among others. The hospital staff also told the committee that most nurses earn only 45,000 shillings as transport allowance per month irrespective of where one comes from.

Mulago hospital also still needs more staff such as the neurosurgeons, cardio-Thoracic surgeons, biomedical engineers and staff for new services such as counselling, nutrition and dietetic services.

The hospital director is expected to return on Friday with the Ministry of Health and other health departments to provide a thorough budget estimate for the health ministry.

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