NCS Pens Letter to Tennis Body over Elections

The National Council of Sports (NCS) has written to the Uganda Lawn Tennis Association (ULTA) questioning them on a number of issues ahead of the elective General Assembly.

Jasper Aligawesa, the NCS General Secretary
Jasper Aligawesa, the NCS General Secretary

The NCS letter addressed to the ULTA Chairman Cedric Babu dated March 14 wondered when the tennis body would hold its elective assembly which is long overdue. The letter also instructed ULTA to organize for elections within 45 days of this letter.

In the same letter signed by the NCS General Secretary, Jasper Aligawesa, he asked ULTA to avail him with the list of all affiliated clubs and members that shall participate in the elective general Assembly and the Associations current activity calendar.

However, in their reply dated March 14 to NCS, the tennis body has stated that the General Assembly will take place on April 20th at Kampala Club.  Steven Musisi, the ULTA Secretary, also told NCS that they should not start dealing in petty details of the identity of delegates, but having the Assembly held.

The letter states that ULTA is currently involved in conducting an exercise to have the affiliated clubs renew their subscription so as to qualify to attend the meeting.  ULTA therefore is unable to submit the list of affiliated clubs as requested.

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