Princess Komuntale’s Hubby Thomas In F-Word Rant

Toro Princess, Ruth Komuntale Nsemere’s US born hubby, Duke Christopher Thomas has been forced to apologize after being caught up in an F-word rant.

Reacting to the rumour that he was on the verge of splitting with Komuntale, a furious Thomas used the expletive words to tear into haters using his Facebook page. The exact words which we can’t put here were later removed from the page.

He later apologized; “Hello, I apologize for the harsh language this morning but Ruth and I just got married and are fine. The media and not the lady want to make up stories and we don’t have time for questions. Me nor Ruth cheat and will be happy though other people are trying to hurt us. Thank you.”

But it emerged last week how Thomas has been flirting with numerous chics on Facebook and popular phone apps WhatsApp.To make matters worse Ruth has been spotted on numerous occasions without wedding ring, a clear indication that all may not be well in her marriage.

20 thoughts on “Princess Komuntale’s Hubby Thomas In F-Word Rant

  1. What would you expect in a marriage for convenience. Ruth is dire need of a US passport! Thomas thinks blue blood means money. There you have your katogo.

  2. How could Komuntale have got married to that Christopher Thomas in the first place? That princess of Toro must have ignored the advice of the elders.
    But she will very soon than later learn her lessons. Just watch this space.

    1. Not only batooro. many ugandan men would have taken pride to marry her. but anyways, not al is lost: ebidiba bidda wa nannyinibyo!

  3. Babito women are solely married to the gods, try marrying one and you face your fate from the gods of Toro.

  4. US born hubby!! Ruth should have known that those European countries, people dont value marriage at all. he may be black but for sure he is an american and like all the whites,for as long as there is property to share, they put a ring on it and oops b4 u know it, the marriage is over.

    1. well you talk like a typical african villager from zambia smuggled by child traffickers

  5. African Americans make (Lets spare the N-word) make up the biggest bunch of undisciplined men on earth.I saw this coming. Next, he will be describing his “sweet heart” with the “B-word”.

    1. Don’t make fun of AA men. You most likely don’t know any AA men outside of the Ghetto’s that immigrants are placed in when they arrive in the USA. AA men from the Ghetto are not the same as the educated bunch that are never celebrated here in the states. Also, what woman wants to be enslaved in an African male dominated culture. Your women wish they could have a Chris Thomas it’s just that not that many have the opportunity to do so. You are incorrectly informed.

  6. MiMi, to my surprise ure the only person whose post has a spiritual touch in me. I wish Princess could read this, cheers

  7. I pity that kind of situation because its spoiling our image and culture for we the Batooro inside and abroad. let the matters be rectified.

  8. Oh you selfish minds!!! So what if the Batoro men were not happy? What about her own happiness then??? Do you ever stop to notice the saying that “love is blind”??? You speak so vainly-as if to say for sure that it would all be happy ever after if she had married a Mutoro; how do you guarantee that??? Are there no broken marriages in Toro-I mean, between the Batoro?? This girl is used to the western culture and it is arguable that she would have struggled in a marriage with a traditional Mutoro man anyway. You’re so canning in your remarks, pretending to know more than you actually know, predicting the unpredictable. How I wish though that you could reserve all your flimsy remarks for perhaps a “better day”, when the princesses will be crawling at your feet pleading to be hooked up with a Mutoro man because her marriage to an American failed(haa ha…you wish!!! that can only be in your dreams), then you’d be justified in your remarks, but until such a time as that, I pray that you curb your animosity because it is unfounded, repetitive, boring, tasteless and in vain.

    1. hey mimi,Americans d’nt marry please,soon you will see the out come of this marriage,the spirit of devorce took over America long American marries today, then tomorrow its devorce,”im,im,im f***k,n done wth this f***k,n marriage,c,mon dady,its over”.=Julius akiiki New Jersey [USA]

      1. There is no such thing as the spirit of divorce julius. In America people are allowed to get out of marriages that don’t work. Unlike where you are from where men are allowed to have more then one wife, or cheat or beat their women and children. I am tired of Africans big upping Africa. You have all the worlds resources and are the poorest backward peoples of the world. You have no idea how backwards you sound. Their is not one African who would not sell his sole for an American Passport.

    2. Mimi, you really speak well, You flow so well! I am with you in prayer for the Princess!

  9. There is no need to make such cruel comments over their marital issues; marriages everywhere have serious issues the best you can do is wish them the best and probably stand in prayer with them remember they are both young it is quite a challenge. A commitment is not in the ring it is in the heart.

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