QPA Pool Club Vows To Win League Opener

QPA pool club promised their fans a super win in their Pilsner pool league II game opener when the Kanyanya based team travels to play
Hotpool club at Ntinda Rock Katalina club on Saturday.

When talking to Red Pepper  via a phone call QPA pool club captain, Kato Faizo, assured fans victory and his team is determined to play hard to re-earn promotion to the top league. “Our fans should expect an away win because winning away games is part of our plans to go back in the top league”. Kato fumed.

QPA pool club who were relegated to league II last season will again play hosts to Indigo pool club on Sunday at Mambore pool arena in
Kanyanya a Kampala suburb. In the other games, Big spenders will host Sports club, CKI play Spice academy, Indigo verse May fair, Club5 take on Rotex, Cubs get up against Rots, Lilian face Lubiri, Global.com verse Ronz and Afro taking on Trust and obey on Saturday.

And actions will take again on Sunday when Spice take on Cubs, Afro verse Big spenders, Ronz battles it out with Hot pool club, Sports
club verse CKI and May Fari face Lilian. In the same vein on Saturday, the ladies will also be making their part as defending champions Volts hosts Indigo, Trust and obey versing Spice academy while Spice get up for Transformer.



Afro Vs Trust & Obey.
Big Spenders Vs Sports Club
C.K.I Vs Spice Academy
Club5 Vs Rotex
Globalcom Vs Ronz
Hotpool Vs QPA
Indigo Vs May Fair
Lilian Vs Lubiri Pub

SUN 21/4/13.

Mayfair Vs Lilians
Ronz Vs Hotpool
Rotex Vs Global.com
Spice Academy Vs Club 5
Sports Club Vs C.K.I
Afro Vs Big Spenders.
QPA Vs Indigo

Women (Saturday)

Spice vs Transformers
Volts vs Indigo
Trust and obey vs Spice academy

Report By Michael Mugote Bryson

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