April 27, 2013

SOROTI: Municipal Council Bans Open Shoes and Sleeveless Blouses

Soroti Municipal Council Has Banned Open Shoes from its Meetings
Soroti Municipal Council Has Banned Open Shoes from its Meetings

Soroti Municipal Council has banned open shoes, sleeveless blouses and dresses during council meetings. The ban applies to both the civil servants and politicians.

The ban was resolved on Friday during the Municipal Council Meeting at the Council Hall.

Honorant Okello, the Municipal Speaker, communicated to all the councillors and heads of departments the notice on the dress code. Okello said that all councillors and civil servants would from that Friday observe the ban on wearing open shoes and sleeveless blouses to official meetings.

The Speaker said that the ban on open shoes, sleeveless blouses had been amended in the standard rules of procedure.

He said all female councillors and civil servants would be expected to wear long skirts and covered shoes except for those with disabilities. He said male councillors were expected to report for official assignments in long sleeved shirts, a tie and covered shoes.

Okello said he would not tolerate indecent dressing because it undermines the integrity of the council.

Okello adjourned meeting and warned that any councillor who did not adhere to the new guideline would be kicked out of the next council meeting.
During the meeting our reporter  noted that only three heads of department actually satisifed the new dress code: the town clerk who was in a suit, the acting Principle Medical Officer, Dr. Bosco Ojur  who was dressed on long sleeved shirt and a tie and  Hellen Alajo the Community Development Officer who was also in a suit.

Alfred Aruo, the Mayor Soroti Municipality, supported the new ruling.

Aruo said it was important for leaders to dress in a manner that inspired their followers.

Susan Deborah Aino, the Woman Municipal Councillor representing Nakatunya, Oderai/Majengo Ward argued for the ruling saying councillors represented their communities and not just themselves.

Currently there is an anti-pornography bill on the floor of parliament up for debate. The bill, among others, touches on appropriate dress code.

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