Teachers To Sue Tax Body Over Delayed Salaries

Over 14,500 teachers have petitioned the High Court seeking permission to sue Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for failure to realize over 183 billion shillings in taxes which has denied them descent salary.

The teachers want to sue the Commissioner General Allen Kagina and her staff.

Led by a one Ibrahim Were Magulu and Expedito Kisekka, the teachers claim Kagina neglected her statutory duties when she permitted her staff to administer illegal dealings under her watchful eye.

They argue that URA staff fraudulently let 116 companies clear goods as raw-materials yet they are not listed on the approved list of raw-materials and industrial inputs. This, they say, occasioned government an economic setback when the said monies were not collected as revenue.

The two teachers also seek a court order allowing them to represent 50,000 traders  who have interest in the same suit saying they have  also been unfairly treated  by the 116 companies.

Kisekka and Were  add that  basing on what they called fraudulent actions of Kagina and her staff, the revenue base has been affected and  now the  teachers have not had any salary increments. Their pension has also not been paid for a long time.

Through their lawyers of Mbidde and Company Advocates, the duo has gone ahead to cite some of the places where the illegal clearances took place as Jinja, Busia, Kampala and Port Bell. Some of the cleared goods include Reams of paper, News print and kerosene fuel where as some of the accused companies include Picfare Industries, Graphic Systems Uganda, Prime Concepts Investments and Makss Industries.

The court’s deputy registrar John Keitirima is yet to hear their plea.

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