URA Demands Shs50M Before Reopening Nakivuubo Stadium

URA boss Allen Kagina
URA boss Allen Kagina

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has demanded that management of Nakivuubo Stadium first pay 50 million shillings before the tax body can open the Stadium.

Last week the tax authorities closed Uganda’s second largest Stadium over accumulated debts. URA said last week that they will keep the stadium closed until debts of 385 million shillings are paid.

Eng. Godfrey Mabirizi, the Chairman Nakivuubo Stadium Board of Trustees told Uganda Radio Network this afternoon that although they have tried to negotiate with URA to open the Stadium as they look around for some money, the tax body refused.

The Stadium manager Ivan Lubega disclosed last week that the debt dates back to October 2010 when the old management was not submitting VAT returns. Lubega said they are seriously hunting for money so that they can pay URA.

In 2009 there was also controversy over the Stadium management turning a second portion of the Stadium land into a bus terminal. The two-acre piece, located behind the stadium open stand, was rented out to Allied Owners Bus Association. But the grading on the piece of land was stopped after public outcry.

Interestingly last week the State Minister for Sports, Charles Bakkabulindi also said Nakivuubo Stadium has no money and URA should be lenient and give them some time to pay the debt.

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