US Report: Uganda At Risk Of Instability

A report that is released every four years after the US President is elected by the National Intelligence Council has named Uganda among 14 other countries that risk becoming a failed state given their potential for conflict and environmental evils come 2014.

The US Intelligence threat assessment report also places Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo as two other countries in the region likely to suffer in the same manner.

Recognising Uganda as one of several “US government security partners in recent years”, the report attributes its assessment to notable weak governance and active rebellion in the region.

US Government-sponsored modeling suggests that Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa), and Uganda are all at risk of violent instability during the next year.” the report states.

However, the government has dismissed the claim of possible instability and said the report comes short on specifics although it agrees that some countries in region are prone to instability as pointed in the report.

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  1. Instability and a weakened Government of Uganda is overdue.The Power of the People has come out strongly these days to eliminate bad Governance and establish a Government that will keep Uganda United and voicing one thing for its development and fear of God and respect of People.

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