Wafagio’s Esther Back With A New Hit

Former Wafagio Girls lead singer Esther Nalubega who has spent a couple of years in musical exile is up and ready to hit the scene again.

Esther Nalubega is working on her new song Gunsimbye alongside singing sensation, Khalifah (Aganaga). The danceable song is about two young lovers expressing feelings for each other. Esther still has the humour and wordplay that made Wafagio’s Mukidongo popular.

“This is like a continuation to Mukidongo where a girl plays hard to get inside a club and then turns bitchy outside it,” she says.

The song is being produced by Kally Wid, the dude behind big songs like Bebe Cool’s Till You Love Me, Sheeba’s Kambalage and Tuff B’s Ddogo Lyo.

According to Kally Wid the song producer, it was modified for artistes such as Khalifa and Esther.  The song was playfully written by Khalifah and Esther.

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