Cassava Streak Disease Hits Moyo

Cassava brown streak disease has hit Aliba Sub County in Moyo District destroying over 30 acres of cassava plantations.

Some of the destroyed acres belong to six farmers groups while others are owned by some 46 individual farmers.

Cassava streak disease presents with rotting tubers rendering it worthless for human consumption.

Khalid Awuga, the Chairman Aliba Sub-County, says because most farmers are not aware the disease keeps on spreading since they transfer cassava stems from the affected gardens for planting.

James Adriko, whose garden has been affected anticipates severe famine in his home in the near future.
He calls on the district disaster committee to think of extending aid to Obongi County before it’s late.
Other affected Sub-Counties in Obongi County are Gimara and Itula.

However, Moyo District Production Coordinator Ajavu Alabi attributes the spread of the disease to transfer of infected cassava stems from districts such as Arua and Yumbe.

Environmental Alert Program Officer Joseph Amanzuru calls on farmers whose gardens are affected to uproot all the cassava and burn it to avoid further spread.

Environmental Alert, a non-governmental organization working to improve livelihoods at household level in the district, is looking at introducing cassava streak resistant varieties to bail farmers out of the situation.

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