Chameleone, Yung Mulo in Bitter Feud

Leone Island head boy, Jose Chameleone is involved in a bitter feud with budding dance hall singer Yung Mulo. This comes three weeks after the ‘Tebatusobola’ singer was officially fired from the Island.

Our snoops have established that the beef stems from young Mulo‘s bold swipe at his former boss last week. According to sources,Yung Mulo appeared on one of the local TV and revealed that he left Chameleon’s camp because Jose was  demanding for much allegiance yet his role in the latter’s music career was insignificant.

Yung Mulo’s utterance seemed to have rubbed Chameleon the wrong way. The music doctor retaliated by ordering Dj Shiru to stop the promotions and air ply gigs for Yung Mulo.

Dj Shiru who is royal to the ‘Budilisha’ singer has stopped playing Mulo’s songs because he doesn’t want to alienate himself from Music Doctor who helped him during his earlier years

9 thoughts on “Chameleone, Yung Mulo in Bitter Feud

    1. Your boss is your boss.
      unless you refuse to eat then your will not be like a trailer

    1. losing what??
      He is an international and cosmopolitan singer for your information.
      There fore there is no need of calling him a loser.

      1. WOW cosmopolitan that’s your standards he is not know outside E.A or Africa to make him COSMOPOLITAN. The Goodlfe boys are better chaps on the WORLD scene 🙂 He should be of class why the nugu to stop DJ Shiru for playing the great music from Yung mulo. he should be the cosmopolitan murderer

  1. God placed everyone in leone island for a purpose stop thinking you did anything to make them they were already made by God but God used you as a vessel to unleash them stop bragging otherwise God may take his favor from you.

  2. Who said djshiru has done anything for mulo the boy is promoted by his voice and not even chameleon

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