Church to Renovate Bunyoro King Duhaga’s Dillapidated Grave

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese is in the process of renovating the burial site of former King Andereya Bisereko Duhaga almost a century after his death.

Omukama Bisereko Duhaga, son of Omukama Cwa II Kabalega, reigned from September 17, 1902 until his death on March 30, 1924. He succeeded his brother Yosia Kitahimbwa, who had been installed by the British in 1898 after Kabalega was driven out of Bunyoro at the peak of his decade-long rebellion.

After his death Omukama Duhaga was buried at his father’s land in Kinogozi village, Buhimba Sub County in Hoima district. Kinogozi is about five kilometres from the Mparo Royal Tombs, where Kabalega and other Bunyoro royals were buried.

Although the Mparo Royal Tombs were renovated by the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces-UPDF in 2008, Duhaga’s tomb was not renovated. The tomb now lies in a dilapidated house in Kinogozi village whose roof is about to fall off. But Bunyoro Kitara Diocese that manages the site has unveiled plans to renovate the royal tomb.

Canon Sam Kahuma, the Bunyoro Kitara Diocesan Secretary, says plans are in advanced stages to have the 90 year old tomb given a facelift. Canon Kahuma reveals that even the contractor has already done a site visit.

Alongside Duhaga’s tomb are others for his daughters and relatives. Canon Kahuma says the tombs and their surroundings will be beautified to glorify the mighty Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. The Canon says the budget has already been drawn and the diocese is putting together funds for the work. Kahuma meanwhile declined to give details saying he was not in office at the time we contacted him.

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese took over the management of the site in 1993 following the death of Princess Alexandria Komukyeya, Duhaga’s daughter. Komukyeya, the only surviving child of Duhaga then, gave all her father’s property to the Diocese.

The diocese has since then hired a caretaker to slash around the graveyard.

Meanwhile Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom officials have welcomed news of the tomb’s renovation. Abby Hairora, the Chairman Land Board and Kingdom Estates Manager, says renovating the tomb will not only honor the former king but also glorifies the kingdom.

The tombs lie on a 200-acre piece of land.

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