Day 8: RED PEPPER, Daily Monitor Still Besieged

Police Monday continued their occupation of  The Red Pepper Publication and Monitor Publications premises. 

Activists protesting the closure of the media houses last week
Activists protesting the closure of the media houses last week

On Monday last week, gun-wielding police officers surrounded the offices of Monitor Publications and The Pepper Publications, stopping the operations of both newspapers.

They also shut down KFM and Dembe FM – both radios housed in the premises.

The raid on the Pepper Publications and Monitor Publications premises, including the closure of the two radio stations, originates from a story published by the Daily Monitor, concerning a letter written by Gen David Sejusa, the coordination of intelligence services, alleging that there was a plot to eliminate top government figures who are opposed to the “Muhoozi Project.”

In the letter directed to the Director General of Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Col Ronnie Balya, it is alleged that those opposed to Brig. Muhoozi Keinerugaba, the head the Special Forces, taking over as President from his father, Mr Museveni, would be assassinated.

Meanwhile, journalists have vowed to camp at the offices of both media houses on Tuesday to protest the continued closure.

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  1. No problem time is coming to an end for this shamless forces, Daily Monitor and Redpaper offices are very nice now the police officers who have been sleeping under leaking roof are enjoying Hahahahahahaha Ugandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and M7777777777777777ni plus Muhoziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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