DRUG WAR: Marijuana Worth UGX 1.2B Destroyed in Kabale

Some of the Drugs before they were Burnt
Some of the Drugs before they were Burnt

Security authorities in Kabale on Thursday evening destroyed Marijuana worth 1.2 billion shillings in a move to crack down on illegal sale and

consumption of drugs.
The drugs were collected by police in a series of operations conducted in the district which has also seen 20 suspected dealers arrested since the beginning of this year.

Kabale district Police Commander Bosco Arop says that the police in Kabale arrests one person on a daily basis in connection with the consumption of Marijuana.
Arop says that the marijuana captured from the drug dealers had accumulated and it was valued at about 1.2billion shillings hence the decision burn the pile.

Arop watches on as the drugs are burnt
Arop watches on as the drugs are burnt

Arop says that some of the drugs had been recovered from a bus belonging to Kalita Bus Company. The drugs were being transported to Kampala in suitcases packed with clothes.

The police commander says that the police also conducted an operation in Kekubo, central division in Kabale Municipality where four suspects (names withheld) were arrested.

He says that the operation will continue to also tackle the marijuana farmers in Kiyebe parish, Ruhija Sub County who are the leading producers of the drug in western Uganda, Rwanda and Eastern Congo.

Kabale Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Mathew Moses Elayo told Redpepper Online that the authorities have identified drug abuse as one of the leading cause of conflicts and rampant murders in the district.


Elayo says that most of the drug abusers end up becoming criminals because they want to fund their addiction.
The drug dealing business in Kabale is a common practice with many dealers taking advantage of the existing market in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring Rwanda.

Late last year Police started battling cultivation of marijuana in Kiyebe parish – Ruhija sub-county.

Police were shocked to find whole village gardens given over to cultivating the illegal drug instead of growing food or cash crops for sale.

Officers Burn the Drugs

The police operation in Kiyebe village saw the entire population flee at the advance of the law enforcers who had come to educate the community against engaging in drug cultivation.

The struggle to root out the growing of Marijuana around Bwindi Forest in Kabale and Kanungu has been met with stiff resistance.

Locals and leaders claim that they cannot grow other crops because wild animals usually invade their gardens and destroy them. They say marijuana is the only crop that is not destroyed by wild animal such as elephants.

Use of drugs is also on the rise in Uganda. It is believed Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda may have died from the effects of consuming cocaine.

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