Expelled MPs Attack AG, Accuse Him of Devaluing Justice System

The four legislators who were last month expelled from NRM party on Wednesday lashed out at the Attorney General for what they described as the devaluation of the justice system in the country.

Hon. Sekikubo MP Lwemiyaga and Hon Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West. The two were expelled from the ruling party, NRM
Hon. Sekikubo MP Lwemiyaga and Hon Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West. The two are among four MPs expelled from the ruling party, NRM

Peter Nyombi wrote to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday in reference to the letter written by Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi demanding that the four vocal MPs Muhammed Nsereko, Winfred Niwagaba, Bernabas Tinkasimire and Theodore Ssekikubo be expelled from Parliament.

After being expelled from NRM for alleged indiscipline and opposing party positions, Mbabazi, who is also ruling party secretary general, wrote to the Speaker to invoke Article 83 (g) of the Constitution and push them out of Parliament. This would have rendered their seats vacant.

But Speaker Kadaga on May 2 ruled in favour of the rebel MPs, as the vocal legislators are commonly known, arguing that their expulsion from the party did not necessarily mean losing their seats in Parliament.

Government through Attorney General Peter Nyombi has gone to court as they continue to push for the four MPs to get out of Parliament.

Today Ssekikubo, the Lwemiyaga County MP said they would ordinarily not have a problem, but they find it unbecoming for Nyombi the Attorney General of Uganda to give an opinion on a party issue. The MPs wondered who made a referral to Nyombi to write a statement because neither the Speaker’s statement on the floor nor Mbabazi’s letter gave Nyombi copies.

Ssekikubo accuses Nyombi of working with the NRM yet his office is constitutional reminding him that today Thursday 16th, the AG is a respondent to a Constitutional Court petition filed by himself through Kibuku County MP Kamba Saleh.

Ssekikubo says given Nyombi’s statement, they call on him to be man enough and declare his interest and stop hoodwinking the public.

The MPs also call on President Yoweri Museveni to let the Judiciary do its work and not hold clandestine meetings. Ssekikubo reveals that last week on the 9th President Museveni allegedly met Justice Steven Kavuma, the Acting Deputy Chief Justice to among others discuss matters of the expelled MPs.

In the meeting it is alleged that President Museveni expressed disappointment that Speaker Kadaga was recreating a scenario that happened in the 1960s when Democratic Party MPs crossed to Uganda People’s Congress.

The President was also hurt that this is the same thing that happened in Buganda before Independence to have indirect elections to Parliament.

In Nyombi’s statement he quotes Article one of the Constitutions that states that power belongs to the people. Tinkasiimire wondered how 22 members of the NRM Central Executive Committee sat dismissed them.

Efforts to get in touch with AG Nyombi were futile but he is expected at the Constitutional Court tomorrow when the case filed by MP Kamba seeking an interpretation of the speaker’s ruling starts.

8 thoughts on “Expelled MPs Attack AG, Accuse Him of Devaluing Justice System

  1. Our Attorney General ought to know that an MP is is elected to Parliament by his constituents, only nominated by a party, and should be pushed out of parliament because of doing things that are expressly stated/forbidden in the constitution. Parliament does not compel one to toy his party’s position in Parliament, else thorough debate of the matter before the floor is killed and not all MPs are given a chance to understand the reasoning behind passing a given law.

    A party may nominate a candidate for election, just like one is nominated to any office, but the nominator cannot cancel ones election once elected. Only the provisions to be exercised by the electorate are the ones that may be need modifying to enable recalling an MP, and should such conditions arise, the former MP concerned should be eligible to stand if, and only if, he indemnifies the electoral body / state of the cost of the repeated election, else he should be ineligible.

  2. How can the attoney general engage in party politics when his role is to remain constitutionally neutral?? That shows that the whole system is rotten!!

  3. Cabinet thugs should get lessons from prof. Bukenya. After being used in shameless schemes they spite you out. More painful is that you seek a soft landing among those you treated with impunity to cushion your fall. Kinddu Makubuya is witness to this among others. So Mr Tembo I pray that you avoid this slippery demise.

  4. NRM boss should seat on around table wiz those MPs and settle their matters in adepromatic way

  5. They were elected by voters to represent them thru mov’t’ if they are expelled who is representing the voters through their party? I Suggest these people needs representatives again through their party.

  6. seperation of power and duties is necessary if our country is to attain democratic governance.We should separate party politics from constitutional matters.Ag is wrong to attack the speaker if he had any matter to address he should have gone to court.Now he is mixing party politics in constitutional matters by leaning to NRM party decisions.Let people not be messed up while performing their professional duties,it is great shame allow others mess up your professional careers.People stay but Governments go,what of your diginity?

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