FUFA Super League Confirmed National League

The Cabinet sitting in Parliament this morning has finally decided that FUFA Super League, which is recognized by FIFA, will be the only league.

Charles Bakkabulindi, the State Minister for Sports confirmed to our reporter in an exclusive interview that finally the matter has been handled.

Bakkabulindi confirmed a government position had been reached which should bring harmony to Ugandan football and sports.  He made the revelation in an interview at the National Council of Sports (NCS) headquarters, Lugogo.

For the last eight months, the country has had two football leagues, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Super League, run by the national Federation, and the Uganda Super League which is managed by the Uganda Super League Limited (USLL).

Each of the leagues claimed to be the right one. The USLL League had sponsorship of over one million U.S. dollars through SuperSport and Uganda Breweries Ltd, while the FUFA Super League which ends on Friday has no sponsor.

Last December, the Minister for Education and Sports Jessica Alupo decided they would make a ruling on having one league. But eventually the matter was refered to Cabinet which has been busy handling other matters.

Bakkabulindi explained that although the FUFA Super League will be the only league next season, they will follow the Jinja Declaration and therefore include some of the teams that were in the USLL.

Mujib Kasule, the FA Vice President in-charge of the League was a happy man when he heard the news saying the Cabinet had made a good decision. He urged all stakeholders to put their differences aside and begin to work together for the good of football development.

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  1. This is different from the Monitor article. Anyway, let’s hope and pray that they sort out all the legalities involved peacefully.

    Mujib please drop the reserve league experiment. It failed in England. Just follow the LaLiga model of youth development. Bring back City Cubs, Jogoo Young, e.t.c and have them compete in the Big league if they are good enough to do so.

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